Thursday, November 17, 2011

MPLS-TP update

At the MPLS Working Group meeting this week it was announced that the core set of MPLS-TP RFCs have been finished.

Indeed, we now have (I hope that I haven't missed too many):
•RFC 5586 MPLS Generic Associated Channel (G-ACh and GAL)
•RFC 5654 Requirements of an MPLS Transport Profile
•RFC 5718 An In-Band Data Communication Network for MPLS-TP
•RFC 5860 Requirements for OAM in MPLS Transport Networks
•RFC 5921 A Framework for MPLS in Transport Networks
•RFC 5950 Network Management Framework for MPLS-TP
•RFC 5951 Network Management Requirements for MPLS-TP
•RFC 5960 MPLS-TP Data Plane Architecture
•RFC 5994 Application of Ethernet Pseudowires to MPLS Transport Networks
•RFC 6370 MPLS-TP Identifiers
•RFC 6371 OAM Framework for MPLS-TP
•RFC 6372 MPLS-TP Survivability Framework
•RFC 6373 MPLS-TP Control Plane Framework
•RFC 6374 Packet Loss and Delay Measurement for MPLS Networks
•RFC 6375 Packet Loss and Delay Measurement Profile for MPLS-TP
•RFC 6378 Linear Protection MPLS-TP
•RFC 6425 Detecting Data-Plane Failures in Point-to-Multipoint MPLS - Extensions to LSP Ping
•RFC 6426 MPLS On-Demand Connectivity Verification and Route Tracing
•RFC 6427 MPLS Fault Management Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM)
•RFC 6428 Proactive Connectivity Verification, Continuity Check, and Remote Defect Indication for the MPLS-TP
•RFC 6435 MPLS Transport Profile Lock Instruct and Loopback Functions

In addition, before the IETF meeting the ITU issued a statement reasserting that the IETF holds the pen on MPLS-TP.

It seems that the game is over.