Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My new CTO job

As you all probably know, I have changed job titles.
I am now RAD's Chief Technology Officer instead of (or perhaps in addition to?) Chief Scientist.

Our previous CTO, Prof. Daniel Kofman, is still in touch with the company. However, he is a bit busy since in addition to his position as Professor at Telecom ParisTech (formerly ENST), he has been appointed by France's Minister of Research and Innovation as director of LINCS (Laboratory of Information, Networking, and Communication Sciences), a new research center in Paris.

So, what will I do be doing? Well, I will no longer be managing any R&D teams. The physical layer DSL chip development department I used to run closed many years ago, and last year my DSP software development department was dissolved as well. With my new appointment my HW/FPGA/Innovations department has transitioned to the newly formed Hardware and Innovations department, and my software team is moving to the new Advanced Technologies department. The Algorithmic Research department will still report to me.

I will continue to be responsible for tracking fundamental technology trends, and to steer RAD's participation in standardization forums (IETF, ITU, MEF, BBF, etc.). I will be working with academic research groups here in Israel, and perhaps abroad as well. I will be spending more time on IPR work - over the last few years this work has tended to be more defensive than creative. I will be doing more lecturing and more writing, and will function as editor in chief of the RAD Series on Essentials of Telecommunications (more on that some other time).

And I hope to have more time to blog.